Canyon Creek Compression Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/02/1998, Docket: RP99- 64-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 109 First Revised Sheet No. 109 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 109




(7) If there is a dispute over title, ownership or right

to tender or to receive gas.


Without limitation to the foregoing, Canyon shall have the right to reduce

receipts or deliveries of natural gas on any day below Shipper's MDQ to

permit maintenance, repair, overhaul, replacement, or construction of

pipelines, compressors, metering, regulating, or other transmission

facilities and equipment, or to maintain System integrity; provided,

however, that with respect to routine repair and maintenance, Canyon will

attempt to schedule such activity during a period when it will not result

in curtailment to firm services, or when such curtailment will be

minimized, after consulting with the Shippers which could be affected.


(b) For the purposes of scheduling and curtailing gas, all

firm services shall have priority within MDQ over all interruptible

services. All firm services at primary points shall have equal priority

to Canyon's System capacity. Service requested at secondary points shall

have the priority described in Section 5.3. To the extent capacity does

not exist to provide for all volumes nominated by Shippers on a firm basis

within MDQ at primary points and along any path defined by primary points

under all firm Rate Schedules, scheduling and curtailment shall be pro

rata based on confirmed nominations within MDQ on any portion of Canyon's

System affected by a capacity constraint.


(c) For Shippers under all firm services, Canyon shall

provide notice of any curtailment or of any scheduling restriction as far

in advance as feasible. Canyon shall attempt to provide at least two (2)

days' prior notice, unless more timely action is necessary to respond to a

Force Majeure situation, to balance the Agreement to the extent consistent

with the applicable Rate Schedule, or to maintain System integrity.


(d) Canyon and a Shipper under any firm service may add or

delete primary Delivery or Receipt Points from time to time by mutual

agreement. Subject to the availability of firm capacity at the requested

point, Canyon shall agree to any such change in primary Delivery or

Receipt Point to the extent such new point is within the transportation

path of the existing primary points. At other points, Canyon shall agree

to a change to the extent that firm transmission and point capacity is

available after taking into account existing capacity commitments under

other firm Agreements.


(e) Firm intra-day nominations are entitled to bump scheduled

interruptible volumes, as defined in Sections 5.4 and 5.6, only during the

Evening and Intra-day 1 Nomination Cycles, as defined in Section 9.2.

Firm intra-day nominations are not entitled to bump already scheduled firm