Ozark Gas Transmission, L. L. C.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/16/2009, Docket: RP09-1040-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 169A Original Sheet No. 169A




(e) Intra-Day Nominations submitted by firm Shippers have

scheduling priority over nominated and scheduled volumes for

interruptible Shippers during the Timely, Evening and

Intraday 1 Nomination Cycles as set forth in NAESB Standard

1.3.2. Shippers that are bumped as a result of Intra-Day

Nominations shall be notified in advance by Internet E-mail

and posting on Transporter's Internet Website, and in

accordance with this Section 19 , and will be subject to the

penalties in Section 21 of Transporter's General Terms and

Conditions. However, Transporter will waive any such

penalty payments otherwise due from a Shipper whose

scheduled Natural Gas is bumped during a non-critical

period, for the day of the bump.


(f) If Shipper submits an Intra-Day Nomination on the same

Service Agreement which already has been scheduled to flow

through a Posted Point of Restriction, such Intra-Day

Nomination may be scheduled by Transporter provided that the

Intra-Day Nomination has a scheduling sequence priority that

is being scheduled and allowed to flow on the same Gas Day

as the Intra-Day Nomination pursuant to Section 10 of the

General Terms and Conditions and provided that the Intra-Day

Nomination does not result in a net increase in the total

volume scheduled on the Service Agreement through the Posted

Point of Restriction on that Gas Day.


(g) Elapsed-prorated-scheduled Quantity. With respect to Intra-

Day Nominations for reductions in previously scheduled

quantities, Transporter will accept, subject to the

limitations set forth in Section 19.11(f), any explicitly

confirmed quantity, down to and including zero, for such

Intra-Day Nomination; provided, however, if such Intra-Day

Nomination requires confirmation from an upstream and/or

downstream interconnected pipeline then any Intra-Day

Nomination to reduce previously scheduled quantities will be

subject to, and limited to, the reduced quantity confirmed

by such upstream and/or downstream interconnected pipeline.