Ozark Gas Transmission, L. L. C.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/16/2009, Docket: RP09-1040-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 135 First Revised Sheet No. 135

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 135




(e) For releases of thirty-one (31) Days or less, if the

Releasing Shipper identifies a Prearranged Shipper, and the

Prearranged Shipper agrees to comply with all the conditions

of the release, the posting and bidding procedures of this

Section 14.1 shall not apply and Transporter will award the

capacity to the Prearranged Shipper. For released capacity

to a Prearranged Shipper not subject to bidding, such

Prearranged Shipper shall have the right to submit

Nominations to Transporter at the next nomination

opportunity pursuant to Section 19 of these General Terms

and Conditions following notification to Transporter of such

prearranged capacity release and Transporter will tender to

Prearranged Shipper within one hour of such notification a

contract with contract number regarding such capacity

release. A firm Shipper may not roll-over, extend, or in

any way continue a release to the same Replacement Shipper

using the thirty-one (31) Days or less bidding exemption

until twenty-eight (28) Days after the first release period

has ended. The twenty-eight (28) Day hiatus does not apply

to any re-release to the same replacement shipper that is

posted for bidding or that qualifies for any of the other

exemptions from bidding described in Section 284.8(h)(1) of

the Commission's regulations).


(f) For releases of thirty-one (31) Days or less, if the

Releasing Shipper does not identify a Prearranged Shipper,

or if the Releasing Shipper has identified a Prearranged

Shipper and elects to use posting and bidding, the capacity

release shall be subject to the time lines for posting and

bidding set forth in Section 14.1(b). If the best bid(s)

exceed(s) the bid agreed upon by the Prearranged Shipper,

the Prearranged Shipper must notify Transporter that it will

match the bid, subject to the timeline set forth in Section

14.1(b). If the Prearranged Shipper does not provide such

timely notice, Transporter will award the capacity to the

bidder(s) who submitted the best bid(s). The Prearranged

Shipper must confirm the prearranged deal via the LINK®

System or EDI.