Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2010, Docket: RP10-921-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 101 Second Revised Sheet No. 101

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 101





20.5 Expiring Firm Contracts. Posting of terms and conditions for

contracts nearing expiration, and the bidding for the capacity of

the non-renewed contracts will be accomplished on the EBB pursuant

to Section 4.3 these General Terms and Conditions.


20.6 Miscellaneous Postings and Order No. 717 Compliance Requirements.

Operational bulletins and advisories will be posted notifying

Shippers and other parties of constrained capacity on Transporter's

system and facility outages, planned or otherwise. In addition,

Transporter will utilize the EBB to post general interest

informational bulletins related to topics other than Transporter's

system operation, such as Shipper's declaration of an Essential

Human Needs Emergency and request for voluntary diversions as

detailed in Section 6.5(c) of these General Terms and Conditions.


Compliance reporting for affiliate transactions and standards of

conduct information, required by the Commission's Order No. 717,

will be provided on Transporter's EBB. Notwithstanding Section

20.2(d) of the GT&C, Transporter shall retain its affiliate waiver

log for five years from the date of posting.




Shared facilities between Transporter's transmission function employees

and the marketing function employees of Transporter's affiliate(s), if

any, are posted on Transporter's electronic bulletin board.






Shipper warrants that it has title to all Gas Tendered to Transporter

hereunder and at the time of Tender be free from all liens and adverse

claims, and Shipper shall indemnify Transporter against all damages,

costs, and expenses of any nature whatsoever arising from every claim

against said Gas.




24.1 All taxes, including but not limited to, production, ad valorem,

gathering, Delivery, sales, severance, or excise taxes or

assessments upon the Gas Tendered hereunder by Shipper to

Transporter, which are now or hereafter in existence or authorized

for collection by any state or other governmental agency or duly

constituted authority, either directly or indirectly, shall be paid

or caused to be paid by Shipper.