Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

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Effective Date: 08/01/2010, Docket: RP10-921-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 70 Third Revised Sheet No. 70

Superseding: Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 70





6.1(e)(v) (Continued)


(vi) Scheduling of Intraday Nominations shall be based on

the elapsed pro rata Scheduled Quantities.

Elapsed-prorated-Scheduled Quantity means that portion

of the Scheduled Quantity that would have theoretically

flowed up to the effective time of the Intraday

Nomination being confirmed, based upon a cumulative

uniform hourly quantity for each Nomination period

affected. (NAESB Standard 1.2.12)


(vii) Intraday Nominations may be submitted to increase or

decrease total Gas flow, to Nominate new supplies or

markets, and may be used to change Point(s) of

Injection and Withdrawal. (NAESB Standard 1.3.11 and

NAESB Standard 1.3.33) However, requests for decrease

in flow shall only be accepted to the extent they do

not represent a decrease below previous Confirmed

Quantities which would have flowed on the requested Gas

Day prior to the Nominated decrease, assuming even

hourly flow rates.


(viii) Intraday Nominations shall be considered complete upon

Transporter's receipt of a valid Nomination and the

corresponding up and downstream Confirmations.


(ix) Intraday Nominations do not rollover (i.e. Intraday

Nominations span one Day only). Intraday Nominations do

not replace the remainder of a standing Nomination.

There is no need to re-Nominate if Intraday Nomination

modified existing Nomination. (NAESB Standard 1.3.13)

However, Confirmed Intraday Nominations under Rate

Schedule FS-1 may supersede previously Confirmed

Nominations under Rate Schedule IS-1 upon reasonable

notice to the Rate Schedule IS-1 Shipper.


(x) Intraday Nominations which are not able to be Confirmed

are considered to be void.