Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2010, Docket: RP10-921-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 64A Second Revised Sheet No. 64A

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 64A




5.3 Interruptions of Service

(a) Alterations and Repairs. Transporter shall have the right to

interrupt the injection or withdrawal of Gas for Shipper when

necessary to test, alter, modify, enlarge, repair, or maintain

any facility or property comprising a part of, or appurtenant

to, its system, or otherwise related to the operation thereof.

Transporter shall endeavor to cause a minimum of inconvenience

to Shipper. Except in cases of emergency, Transporter shall

give advance notice to Shipper of its intention to so

interrupt the injection and/or withdrawal of Gas, stating the

anticipated timing and magnitude of each such interruption.

Except as set forth above, Transporter shall have no other

responsibilities to Shipper for any alterations or repairs and

no liability for any losses occasioned by such alterations or



5.4 Attribution of Costs. If, by an order, opinion, approval of a

settlement of any of Transporter's rate cases, or otherwise, the

FERC directly or indirectly requires changes in the costs

attributable to storage by Transporter hereunder or the rate form in

which such costs are recovered, then, as of the effective date of

such change in attribution or rate form, the maximum storage rates

hereunder shall be changed to reflect all costs attributed to the

storage hereunder or to reflect any new rate form.


5.5 Changes in Storage Rates. The Parties recognize that the minimum and

maximum storage rates, as well as the terms and conditions, for

Storage Service hereunder may require change from time to time.

Accordingly, Transporter's minimum and maximum storage rates, and

the terms and conditions of such service, may from time to time be

changed by appropriate lawful processes, including the filing of

changed provisions with the FERC. Transporter shall be entitled to

collect, and Shipper shall be required to pay any increased maximum

storage rate when such Shipper had previously agreed to pay the

maximum rate commencing with the effective date of such change.

Nothing herein shall prejudice the rights of Shipper to contest at

any time changes to the charges for the services rendered hereunder

by Transporter.


5.6 Transporter shall not be required under any Agreement subject to

this Tariff to provide Storage Service if the quantities Tendered

are so small as to cause operational difficulties, such as

measurement or if the quantities Tendered are so small that the

total cost incurred by Transporter in storing the quantities render

them uneconomical to handle. Transporter shall promptly notify

Shipper if such operating conditions exist or if the total costs of

storing the quantities have rendered them uneconomical to store

(i.e., less than 100 Dth per Day).