Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

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Effective Date: 08/01/2010, Docket: RP10-921-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 54C Third Revised Sheet No. 54C

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 54C





3.1 (Continued)


(c) Shipper warrants that all Gas Tendered will have a Gross

Heating Value of not more than 1,235 Btu's nor less than 968

Btu's per cubic foot at a pressure of 14.73 p.s.i.a.


(d) Shipper warrants that the temperature of the Gas Tendered will

not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit; provided, however, if

Transporter is required to dehydrate the Gas at the Point(s) of

Injection, then the temperature of such Gas shall not exceed 90

degrees Fahrenheit.


(e) Shipper warrants that the hydrocarbon dew point of all Gas

Tendered will not exceed a temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit

at the maximum pressure specified in the Agreement, or the

pressure existing at the Point of Injection, if higher.


Notwithstanding the above, unless otherwise agreed by

Transporter in writing, Transporter shall not be required to

receive Gas at any Point of Injection which is of a quality

inferior to that required by Transporter at any Point of

Injection under the Agreement. Transporter shall not be liable

to Shipper or third party for any damages incurred as a result

of Transporter's refusal to receive Gas as a result of this



3.2 Quality Tests. Transporter operating the measuring equipment, using

approved standard methods in general use in the Gas industry, shall

cause adequate tests to be made to determine the quality of the Gas

Tendered hereunder. Such tests shall be made at intervals frequently

enough to ensure that the Gas conforms to the specifications hereof.


3.3 Verification and Retesting. Shipper shall have the right upon

written request to witness any test or Gross Heating Value

determination, to inspect any equipment used, to obtain all relevant

results, and to request a retest or redetermination. In the event a

retest or redetermination is requested and the results, for the

questioned portion thereof, vary less than 2 percent from the

previous test, Shipper may recover from Transporter the actual costs

of performing such retest or redetermination.