Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP01-281-000, Status: Effective

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 50A Sixth Revised Sheet No. 50A : Effective

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 50A




(a) A data set which contains the mandatory data elements included

in the GISB Standards related to Nominations and any

appropriate business conditional or mutually agreeable data

elements, which is consistent with the provisions of the

Shipper's service agreement, and which has been delivered to

Transporter, or to Transporter via Electronic Communication, or

when agreed to by Transporter, by facsimile, is considered to

be a Valid Nomination. Shipper Nominations sent by EDM shall

conform to the requirements of the Data Dictionary standards

set forth in GISB Standard 1.4.1.


1.37 "Nominating Party" shall mean a Shipper or Shipper's Agent

authorized to submit Nominations to Transporter pursuant to

Shipper's executed service agreement(s).


1.38 "p.s.i.a." shall mean pounds per square inch absolute.


1.39 "p.s.i.g." shall mean pounds per square inch gauge.


1.40 "Package Identifier" or "Package ID" shall mean a Nomination data

element which is provided at the service requester's option to

differentiate between discrete business transactions. When used,

Package ID should be: (a) supported for Nominating and scheduling;

(b) mutually agreed between the applicable Parties for allocations

and imbalance reporting; (c) supported for invoicing (sales and

purchase); and (d) mutually agreed for Transport invoicing. Package

ID is not required for transportation invoicing. Use of the Package

ID is at the discretion of the service requester, and if sent,

should be accepted and processed by Transporter. (GISB Definition

1.2.5 and GISB Standards 1.3.24 and 1.3.25)


1.41 "Party" or "Parties" shall mean either Shipper and/or Transporter.


1.42 "Point of Injection" shall mean that point where Transporter accepts

Gas for injection into Transporter's Storage Field for the account

of Shipper.