Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2009, Docket: RP09-667-002, Status: Effective

Sub Fourteenth Revised Sheet No. 49 Sub Fourteenth Revised Sheet No. 49

Superseding: Fourteenth Revised Sheet No. 49




1.21 "Fuel Reimbursement" (Contd.)

(d) "Unaccounted-for Gas" shall mean a quantity of Gas, stated in

terms of a percentage of the quantities Tendered for injection,

to compensate for lost or otherwise Unaccounted-for Gas during

the Storage Service hereunder. Said percentage shall be

computed by Transporter as often as is necessary for reasonably

accurate determination. If such computation results in a value

of less than .01 percent, the percentage for Unaccounted-for

Gas shall be considered 0 percent.

1.22 "Gas" shall mean combustible hydrocarbon Gas.

1.23 "Gas in Place" shall mean a quantity of Gas currently held in

storage for the account of each Shipper.

1.24 "Gas Industry Standards Board" or "GISB" also known as "North

American Energy Standards Board" or "NAESB" shall mean that

accredited organization established to set standards for certain

natural Gas industry business practices and procedures.

1.25 "GISB or NAESB or NAESB WGQ Standards" and "GISB or NAESB or NAESB

WGQ Definitions", shall mean the standardized business practices,

procedures, criteria and definitions of terms which have been

adopted and published by the Wholesale Gas Quadrant of the North

American Energy Standards Board and which have been adopted by

reference by the FERC. Transporter and all Shippers shall accept all

NAESB standard data elements. Usage of such data elements shall be

characterized as either mandatory, conditional, sender's option,

business conditional or mutually agreeable (NAESB WGQ Standard

Definition 1.2.2).


Unless otherwise stated, all NAESB WGQ Standards referenced by or

incorporated into this Tariff are Version 1.8. Notwithstanding this

Section 1.25, Transporter shall adhere to the NAESB WGQ Standards as

modified by Order No. 717. Transporter incorporates by reference

the requirements of the following NAESB WGQ Standards and


0.2.1 through 0.3.15


1.2.13 through 1.2.19

1.3.47 through 1.3.50

1.3.52 through 1.3.63



2.2.2 through 2.2.5

2.3.1 through 2.3.2

2.3.4 through 2.3.6


2.3.19 through 2.3.20



2.3.27 through 2.3.30