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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 56 Original Sheet No. 56





7.6.1. Guarantee - Shipper may provide a guarantee of financial performance

in a form satisfactory to Transporter and for the term of the FT

Agreement from a corporate affiliate of the Shipper or a third

party, either of which meets the creditworthiness standards set

forth in this section;


7.6.2. Cash Security Deposit - Shipper may provide a cash security deposit

for service via cleared check or wire transfer. The deposit must be

sufficient to cover the applicable reservation and commodity charges

for three (3) months of service and shall be maintained until

Shipper meets Transporter’s creditworthiness standards. Transporter

will accrue interest on cash security deposits based on interest

rates established by the Commission;


7.6.3. Letter of Credit - Shipper may post a Letter of Credit in a form

acceptable to Transporter; or


7.6.4. Other Security - Shipper may provide such other security as Shipper

and Transporter may mutually agree upon.


7.7. Any suspension of service hereunder shall continue until Transporter is

reasonably satisfied that Shipper is creditworthy under this section or

until Shipper has provided adequate assurance of future performance under

this section.


7.8. If Transporter determines that Shipper becomes creditworthy without

security, any security requirements under this section shall be terminated

and any prepayment amounts (including any applicable interest) released to

Shipper from escrow within five (5) business days after such determination.


7.9. Security Requirements for Expansion Capacity – The security requirement for

expansion capacity may be identified in an open season, in Transporter’s

postings, or in agreements with Shippers. The amount of security required

for expansion capacity or on lateral facilities will be determined by

Transporter and may be up to the cost of the facilities to be constructed.

Where new facilities serve multiple shippers, an individual Shipper’s

maximum security obligation will be no more than its proportionate share of

the total cost of the new facilities.