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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

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2.4. Noncompliance with Specifications/Acceptance of Non-Conforming Gas.


If Transporter becomes aware that non-conforming Gas is entering its system,

it will advise the Shipper(s) and point operator(s) involved that the Gas

they are tendering is non-conforming, and identify the nature and extent of

the non-conformity. Where operationally feasible, Transporter will continue

to accept non-conforming Gas for a limited period of time while the

Shipper(s) or point operator(s) involved take steps to address the Gas

quality issues.


2.4.1. Where operationally feasible, Transporter may, from time to time, on

a not unduly discriminatory basis, accept non-conforming Gas to the

extent Transporter determines that such Gas can be blended in a

manner that will not cause operational or downstream problems.


2.4.2. Should Shipper tender for receipt any Gas that causes the composite

Gas stream in Transporter’s facilities to fail the requirements of

any downstream pipeline, Transporter may take whatever action

necessary on Transporter’s own accord or use of a third party, as

solely determined by Transporter, at Shipper’s sole cost and

expense, to treat and/or process the Gas stream such that the Gas

stream can be delivered to the downstream pipeline. Until remedial

action is taken to make Gas acceptable to the downstream pipeline,

Transporter may refuse to accept receipt of any Gas, in

Transporter’s sole discretion, which prevents Transporter from

making deliveries into the downstream pipeline. Transporter shall

not have any obligation to provide service with respect to Gas,

which does not satisfy the requirements of this section. Any

reduction in the energy content of the Gas treated and/or processed

shall be determined and deducted from Transporter’s transportation

volumes tendered for delivery to the downstream pipeline.