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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

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2.1.2 (Continued)

notice is not practicable; Transporter will explain the reason in

the posting why it was unable to give such prior notice. Upon

request, Transporter will provide current information regarding the

dew point at any point of receipt into Transporter’s system affected

by the posting to the operator of that point or any producer,

purchaser, supply aggregator or Shipper with Gas being tendered at

that point. Transporter may not post, under this section, a

cricondentherm dew point temperature of less than fifteen degrees

Fahrenheit (15 degrees F).


2.2. Liquid Sample


Shipper agrees to supply or cause its designee to supply to Transporter upon

demand, at any time and from time to time, a sample of liquids removed from

the Gas stream at any Receipt Point, whether removed by a coalesce or

otherwise, for analysis at a laboratory of Transporter’s choosing. If at

any time PCBs or any other toxic substances or chemicals that Transporter

deems hazardous and/or in any way unsafe for transportation are found in the

liquid samples supplied by Transporter by Shipper, Transporter may in its

sole discretion immediately cease the receipt of such Gas and any associated

liquids through its facilities. Upon proof that such toxic or hazardous

substances are no longer present at levels deemed unsafe by Transporter,

Transporter shall restore service to Shipper at the affected Receipt Point.

2.3. Suspension of Receipts


Transporter shall not be obligated to accept Gas that fails to conform to

the gas quality specifications of this Section. Should any Gas delivered by

or on behalf of Shipper to Transporter at any Receipt Point fail to conform

to any of the specifications provided for in this section, Transporter may,

at its option, suspend all or a portion of the receipt of any such Gas.

Transporter shall be relieved of its obligation to provide service for the

duration of such suspension. Upon receipt of Transporter’s notice of such a

failure, Shipper shall make a diligent effort to correct the failure by

treatment, dehydration, or other means consistent with prudent operation so

as to tender Gas conforming to the specifications provided for in this