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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 35 Original Sheet No. 35





1.9. “Day” means a twenty-four (24) hour period of time from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00

a.m. Central Clock Time.


1.10. “Delivery Points” means the point(s) where Transporter delivers Gas to

Shipper, or for Shipper’s account. The Delivery Point(s) shall be specified

in Shipper’s FT Agreement or IT Agreement.


1.11. “Discounted Rate” means a rate or rate formula for service under any Rate

Schedule contained in this Tariff established pursuant to Section 16 of the



1.12. “Firm Quantity Charge” means the quantity charge component of the rate

applicable to service under Rate Schedule FT-2 as specified in Transporter’s

Tariff and the FT-2 Agreement between Shipper and Transporter.


1.13. “FT Agreement” means an agreement pursuant to Rate Schedule FT-1 or Rate

Schedule FT-2.


1.14. “FT-1 Agreement” means an agreement pursuant to Rate Schedule FT-1.


1.15. “FT-2 Agreement” means an agreement pursuant to Rate Schedule FT-2,

including the Production Commitment Agreement.


1.16. “Force Majeure” has the meaning specified in Section 27 of the GT&C.

1.17. “Fuel and Gas Loss” means Gas consumed in pipeline operations, including

fuel, operational use, and losses.


1.18. “Gas” means methane and such other hydrocarbon constituents, or a mixture of

two or more of them which, in any case, meets the quality specifications of

the Tariff.


1.19. “GT&C” means the General Terms and Conditions of this FERC Gas Tariff.