MarkWest Pioneer, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 19 Original Sheet No. 19





4.3. Other Charges: The ACA charge and any other applicable surcharges in the

Statement of Rates and Charges multiplied by the applicable quantities

scheduled for Shipper during the billing month; and


4.4. New Facilities Charges: When applicable, a charge will be established

pursuant to Section 20 of the GT&C.


4.5. Fuel and Gas Losses: Notwithstanding other sections of this Rate Schedule,

Transporter shall retain the quantity of gas required for Fuel and Gas

Losses associated with Transporter’s provision of transportation service

pursuant to this Rate Schedule. The quantity of gas retained by Transporter

for Fuel and Gas Losses shall be equal to the quantity of gas scheduled for

receipt for Shipper during the billing month, multiplied by the applicable

Fuel and Gas Loss Retention Percentage on the Statement of Rates and Charges

of this Tariff.




5.1. Request for Gas Production Forecasts: Upon Transporter’s written request,

Shipper shall provide Transporter a gas production forecast (or updated gas

production forecast) to assist in the planning and operation of

Transporter’s system. Shipper shall provide such gas production forecast

within 15 days of Transporter’s request. Such requests are not limited to,

but may occur under, the following circumstances: (a) firm capacity is

required to accommodate a request for firm service, (b) Transporter is

considering a system expansion, (c) an Option 2 Shipper has failed to meet

its seventy-five percent (75%) average flow requirement, (d) Transporter is

evaluating an existing Shipper’s request to increase its MDQ; or (e)

Transporter is attempting to project system fuel use or plan other

throughput-related aspects of operations. Transporter shall not require

updates to a Shipper’s gas production forecast more often than two times

within any calendar year.