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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-321-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 18 Original Sheet No. 18





3.2. (Continued)

Statement of Rates and Charges of this Tariff. Any Negotiated Rate shall be

pursuant to and subject to Section 15 of the GTC.


3.3. Effective as of the commencement of service, as provided for in the FT-2

Agreement, Transporter shall charge and Shipper shall pay for Transportation

under this Rate Schedule each Month or part thereof, if applicable the



(a) The applicable Recourse or Negotiated Firm Quantity Charge;


(b) The Annual Charge Adjustment (ACA) set forth in the Statement of

Rates and Charges;


(c) The applicable Authorized Overrun Charge set forth in the Statement

of Rates and Charges;


(d) The Fuel and Gas Loss Retention Percentage set forth in the

Statement of Rates and Charges; and


(e) Any other charge or surcharge mutually agreed by Transporter and

Shipper or allowed by the Commission as set forth in the Statement

of Rates and Charges.




The Monthly Bill for Rate Schedule FT-2 service shall be equal to:


4.1. Firm Quantity Charge: The applicable Firm Quantity Charge determined under

Section 3 of this Rate Schedule multiplied by the MMBtu’s of Gas scheduled

for receipt pursuant to Shipper’s FT-2 Agreement during the billing month

and exclusive of Authorized Overrun quantities;


4.2. Authorized Overrun Charge: The applicable AOS rate multiplied by any

Authorized Overrun quantities scheduled for Shipper during the billing