Western Gas Interstate Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 53-003, Status: Effective

Revised Original Sheet No. 193 Revised Original Sheet No. 193 : Superseded







Western shall not be required under any circumstances to

receive gas at any Receipt Point where the total quantity

of gas for transportation scheduled for receipt on any day

is less than that required for the accurate measurement of

quantities to be received. Western shall notify Shipper of

the minimum volumes that can be metered at requested

receipt and delivery points when service agreements are

executed. Western will notify Shipper if quantities of gas

tendered are too small to be metered at the requested

receipt or delivery points.


The minimum volumes that may be nominated at the requested

receipt and delivery points shall be the minimum volumes

that can be measured at such receipt and delivery points;

and the provisions of Section 19 of the General Terms and

Conditions shall apply to imbalances arising as the result

of the difference between unmeasurable quantities (which

shall be considered zero quantities) and minimum measurable

quantities at requested receipt and delivery points.


4.2 Delivery Points: The Delivery Point(s) for all gas

transported by Western under this Rate Schedule shall be at

a mutually agreeable interconnection between Western's

facilities and the facilities of Shipper or Shipper's






5.1 The applicable rates for service under this Rate Schedule

are set forth on the currently effective Sheet No. 11 of

this FERC Gas Tariff and are hereby incorporated herein.


5.2 Western shall have the unilateral right to file with the

appropriate regulatory authority and make changes

authorized by such authority in (a) the rates and charges

applicable to its Rate Schedule IT-S, (b) Rate Schedule

IT-S pursuant to which this service is rendered; provided,

however that the interruptible character of service shall

not be subject to change hereunder, or (c) any provisions

of the General Terms and Conditions applicable to Rate