Western Gas Interstate Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 53-003, Status: Effective

Revised Original Sheet No. 162 Revised Original Sheet No. 162 : Superseded






(e) whether the capacity is subject to recall by the

Releasing Shipper, and the terms under which the capacity

may be recalled;


(f) the maximum and minimum rates at which the Releasing

Shipper is willing to accept a bid for the Released



(g) the objective criteria under which the bids for the

Released Capacity will be evaluated; and


(h) any other applicable conditions of the release, including

whether the Bidding Shipper must comply with the

Releasing Shipper's creditworthiness requirements in

addition to Western's.


A Releasing Shipper must specify in its Capacity Release

Notice any minimum requirements that a bid must meet to be

accepted. Once a valid bid is submitted that satisfies those

minimum conditions, if any, the Releasing Shipper may only

withdraw its offer to release capacity where it has an

unanticipated need for the capacity. However, so long as no

valid bid has been submitted that meets its minimum conditions

a Releasing Shipper may withdraw its offer to release capacity

submitted under the terms of this Rate Schedule at any time

prior to the expiration of the posting period as defined in

Section 6 of this Rate Schedule. A Releasing Shipper is not

obligated to accept any bid that does not meet the minimum

requirements of its Capacity Release Notice. A Releasing

Shipper may retain the right to recall its capacity under the

terms of its Capacity Release Notice.