Western Gas Interstate Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-160-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 202 First Revised Sheet No. 202 : Effective

Superseding: ORIGINAL SHEET NO. 202





1.16 MDQ - The term "MDQ" shall mean the maximum daily

quantity, measured in Dth's, at any Receipt

Point or Delivery Point that Western is obligated

to receive or deliver, and that Shipper and/or

Buyer may request for delivery to Western or

receipt from Western.


1.17 MMBTU - The term "MMBTU" shall mean the quantity

of heat energy which is 1,000,000 BTUs.


1.18 Nomination - The term "Nomination" shall mean any

Buyer's or Shipper's request for Western to

schedule the receipt and/or delivery of natural

gas for the account of that Buyer or Shipper. The

standard quantity for nominations, confirmations and

scheduling shall be dekathermns per gas day.


1.19 Operator - The term "Operator" shall mean the

entity which owns or controls the facilities

connected to Western's facilities at a given

Receipt Point or Delivery Point and which

schedules and allocates the receipts from or

deliveries to that Delivery Point or Receipt Point.


1.20 Primary Receipt and Delivery Points - Those

Receipt and Delivery Points specified in Exhibits

"A" and "B" of a Shipper's transportation Service

Agreement, which a Shipper may change from time to

time pursuant to Section 15.6(c) of these General

Terms and Conditions.


1.21 psia - The term "psia" shall mean pounds per

square inch absolute.


1.22 psig - The term "psig" shall means pounds per

square inch gauge.


1.23 Receipt Point - The term "Receipt Point" shall

mean the point on Western's system where it

receives gas for the account of a Shipper.