Puget Sound Energy, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/01/1998, Docket: CP98-250-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 67 Original Sheet No. 67 : Effective



filings requesting or transferring such governmental

authorizations as may be required for the ownership and operation

of any facilities which may be required to be constructed and

operated under the provisions hereof. Nothing herein contained

will be deemed to allow the transfer of any Ownership Interest

without all necessary regulatory authorizations.


11.14 Compliance With Laws and Regulations


With respect to, and at all times during the term of, this

Agreement, the Project Operator and the Owners will be in full

compliance with all laws, regulations, orders, and applicable

guidelines of governmental administrative agencies, relative to

their employment of employees and agents, including but not

limited to, as amended, Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights

Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967, the

Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Vietnam

Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, the Immigration Reform

Control Act of 1986, and applicable Executive Orders of the

President of the United States. Each contractor will be directed

to comply with said requirements as well, and each contractor or

sub-contractor will be required to indemnify the Project Operator

and the Owners against all costs arising out of such person's non-

compliance with such laws, regulations and orders.


11.15 Notices


Notices to be given hereunder shall be deemed sufficiently given-

and served when deposited in the United States Mail, postage

prepaid and registered or certified, addressed to the attention of

the presidents of the Owners as follows, or to such other address

as such Owners may hereafter respectively designate in writing:


Northwest Pipeline Corporation

Post Office Box 58900

Salt Lake City, Utah 84158-0900