Puget Sound Energy, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/01/1998, Docket: CP98-250-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 31 Original Sheet No. 31 : Effective



restrictions on alienation, or any similar or related rule, the

measuring lives in being shall be those of the employees of all

Owners as of the Effective Date, together with all such listed

persons' children, who are living on the date of execution of this

Agreement. As used in this paragraph, the word "children" shall

have its generally accepted meaning of descendants of the first





3.1 Owner's Use of Storage Service


Each Owner shall be entitled to use its Storage Service Rights

subject to the force majeure provisions set forth in ARTICLE 10

and as permitted by the FERC or the WUTC as applicable.


3.2 Interruptible Storage Service


An Owner's use of or nomination of Interruptible Injection

Capability, Interruptible Withdrawal Deliverability or

Interruptible Working Gas Capacity or any withdrawals by Northwest

in excess of its Available Working Gas Inventory for Northwest

System Balancing shall not impair or otherwise limit any other

Owner's Share of Project Firm Injection Capability, Project Firm

Withdrawal Deliverability, Project Best Efforts Withdrawal

Deliverability or Project Firm Working Gas Capacity.


3.3 Reallocation of Storage Service Rights


Upon mutual agreement between two or more Owners other than

Northwest (the "Affected Owners") and subject to the approval of

the Committee as set forth in Section 5.7, the Shares of Storage

Services Rights of the Affected Owners may be reallocated for a

period of time and from time to time as mutually agreed to by the

Affected Owners, subject to FERC approval of the revised Exhibits

D and E reflecting such reallocation. Any reallocation of Storage

Service Rights pursuant to this Section 3.3 is not intended and

does not transfer any Ownership Interest in the Storage Project.