Puget Sound Energy, Inc.

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Effective Date: 11/01/1998, Docket: CP98-250-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 22 Original Sheet No. 22 : Effective



1.57 Storage Service Rights


"Storage Service Rights" of an Owner means each Owner's rights to

(i) delivery of natural gas to the Storage Project pursuant to

Firm Injection Capability and Interruptible Injection Capability;

(ii) storage of natural gas in the Storage Reservoir pursuant to

Firm Working Gas Capacity and Interruptible Working Gas Capacity;

(iii) receipt of natural gas from the Storage Project pursuant to

Firm Withdrawal Deliverability, Best Efforts Withdrawal

Deliverability and Interruptible Withdrawal Deliverability; and

(iv) for Northwest, Northwest System Balancing.


1.58 Ultimate Reservoir Capacity


"Ultimate Reservoir Capacity" means the total estimated capacity

to store natural gas in the Storage Reservoirs when each is

developed to the maximum pressure and capacity permitted by its

geological characteristics of the respective Storage Reservoirs.


1.59 Unavailable Working Gas Inventory


"Unavailable Working Gas Inventory" of an Owner during a Storage

Cycle means the quantity of Working Gas Inventory of such Owner

not available for withdrawal by such Owner on any Day during the

Storage Cycle, except by Northwest for Northwest System Balancing,

and shall be equal to the highest level of the Working Gas

Inventory of such Owner during all preceding Days of such Storage

Cycle, but not to exceed the Firm Working Gas Capacity of such

Owner, less the Seasonal Working Gas Quantity for such Storage

Cycle of such Owner.


1.60 Uniform System


"Uniform System" means the Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed

for Natural Gas Companies (Major and Non-Major) and subject to the

Provisions of the Natural Gas Act as promulgated by the FERC and

in effect on January 1, 1989, as such Uniform System may

thereafter be amended or revised by the FERC.