Viking Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 52-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 134 Original Sheet No. 134 : Superseded





5. All applicable rates, charges and surcharges for the release (including any minimum

acceptable rates):


6. (a) Transportation rights are to be released on a firm/interruptible basis

(b) Conditions for interruption are:


7. Alternative non-discriminatory economic standard for determination of the award of

transportation rights, including alternative tie breaker to choose between bids of equal



8. If Releasing Shipper has already obtained a Bidder that is prepared to accept all terms

and conditions of this Release Request ("Prearranged Bidder"), Releasing Shipper must

provide the following information:


a) the complete legal name of the Prearranged Bidder, type of legal entity and state

of incorporation:


b) the rates, charges and surcharges that the Prearranged Bidder agrees to pay for the

Release Request:


c) the term and the Maximum Daily Quantity agreed to by the Prearranged Bidder:


9. Other Conditions of the Release:


Releasing Shipper understands that Transporter reserves the right to invalidate any

Release Request subsequent to its posting on Transporter's Electronic Bulletin Board system to the

extent it is incomplete or fails to conform in any manner to the requirements of Transporter's



Releasing Shipper, by the signature of its authorized representative, represents and

certifies to Transporter that 1) the individual signing below is authorized to sign this Release

Request for Releasing Shipper; 2) the information above is true, complete and correct; 3)

Releasing Shipper agrees irrevocably to release the transportation rights described herein on the

terms and conditions set forth herein to the successful Bidder if this Release Request is accepted

by a Bidder; and 4) if this Release Request includes a Prearranged Bidder, the Prearranged Bidder

has agreed irrevocably to accept the transportation rights described herein on the terms and

conditions set forth herein.


Submitted this ____ day of ______________, 199_.