Viking Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/21/1992, Docket: MT93- 1-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 107A Original Sheet No. 107A : Superseded







Viking. The names and titles of the marketing personnel employed by Tenneco Gas

Marketing Company that are negotiating for the purchase and sale of gas for the period

after the effective date of Viking's blanket sales certificate for both Viking and its

marketing affiliates are as follows: R.A. McDonald, President; S.C. Beasley, Director;

C.W. Brown, Director; S.B. Ortenstone, Director; and P.J. Abt, Manager.




1. Contract Demand


If, at any time, any Buyer under Rate Schedules CR-2 or CRL-2 desires to be relieved,

relative, to one or more months of the service year of a portion of the daily Contract

Demand as set forth in Buyer's then effective Service Agreement under Rate Schedules CR-2

or CRL-2, then such Buyer shall so notify Seller, and Seller shall make reasonable

efforts to find one or more other credit worthy Buyers who desire to contract for the

Contract Demand to be so released. Seller shall promptly offer to all other Buyers under

Rate Schedule CR-2 and CRL-2 and to Seller's firm transportation customers (also

sometimes referred to as Buyers herein) any Contract Demand made available by such

release. Within fifteen (15) days after such offer, each such Buyer shall designate to