Viking Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 52-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 70 Original Sheet No. 70 : Superseded








1. Releasing Shipper's Request for Assignment


A Releasing Shipper that desires to release its rights to service on a basis that does

not qualify for an exemption from prior posting pursuant to Section 3, may post directly

on Transporter's Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) a Release Request, in the form set

forth at Sheet Nos. 133-134 of this Tariff, containing the following information:


a) Releasing Shipper's name and Transportation Agreement number;


b) the quantity to be released (including any minimum acceptable quantity);


c) the proposed commencement date and term of the release (including any minimum

acceptable term);


d) the Primary Receipt Points and Primary Delivery Points for the released service and

the amount of the firm capacity to be released at each such point (the total

receipt point capacity released shall be equal to the total delivery point capacity



e) the reservation and/or usage rates and all other applicable rates, charges and

surcharges for the released service, including any applicable minimum rate(s);


f) whether the transportation rights are to be released on a firm or an interruptible

basis and, if on an interruptible basis, the specific conditions for interruption

and/or recall of the capacity;


g) whether contingent bids will be accepted for evaluation and, if so, whether the

contingency can extend beyond the Bidding period; if the contingency may extend

beyond the Bidding Period, whether, and for what time period, the next highest

bidder will be obligated to acquire the capacity should the winning contingent

bidder exercise its option not to take the capacity;


h) whether the release is contingent on Releasing Shipper's ability to release

associated capacity on another pipeline and, if so, all conditions associated with

such contingency;


i) whether bids based on a one part volumetric rate will be accepted and, if so, the

method for evaluating one part rate bids vis-a-vis two part rate bids and any

special conditions associated with release on a volumetric basis;


j) any objective, non-discriminatory economic value standard (including tie-breaking

methodology) which Releasing Shipper desires Transporter to utilize to determine

the award of released transportation rights as an alternative to the method set