Viking Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 52-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 61 Original Sheet No. 61 : Superseded







does so remove and remedy said cause or causes and fully indemnifies the party not in

default for any and all consequences of such breach, then such notice shall be withdrawn

and the Transportation Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. In case the

party in default does not so remedy and remove the cause or causes or does not indemnify

the party giving the notice for any and all consequences of such breach, within said

period of thirty days, the Transportation Agreement shall terminate. Any cancellation

of the Transportation Agreement pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph shall be

without prejudice to the right of Transporter to collect any amounts then due to it for

natural gas service rendered prior to the time of cancellation, and shall be without

prejudice to the right of Shipper to receive any gas which it has not received but which

it has delivered to Transporter for transportation, prior to the time of cancellation,

and without waiver of any remedy to which the party not in default may be entitled for

violations of the Transportation Agreement.




Except when the terms of this Tariff require or allow for communication via Transporter's

Electronic Bulletin Board system, any communication, notice, request, demand, statement, or

bill provided for in the Tariff or in a Transportation Agreement or OBA, or any notice which

either Transporter or Shipper may desire to give to the other, shall be in writing and shall

be considered as duly presented, rendered, or delivered when mailed by either post-paid

registered or ordinary mail or when sent by telegram, cable, telecopy, telex, express mail

service, or such other method mutually agreed upon between the parties. The material so sent

shall be addressed to the pertinent party at its last known post office address, or at such

other address as either party may designate.




No modification of the terms and provisions of a Transportation Agreement shall be made

except by the execution of written contracts.




No waiver by either Transporter or Shipper of any one or more defaults by the other in the

performance of any provisions of a gas service contract shall operate or be construed as a

waiver of any future default or defaults, whether of a like or of a different character.




This Tariff, including these General Terms and Conditions and the respective obligations of

the parties under the Transportation Agreement, are subject to valid laws, orders, rules, and

regulations of duly constituted authorities having jurisdiction and are subject to change

from time to time by addition, amendment, or substitution as provided by law.