Viking Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 52-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 46 Original Sheet No. 46 : Superseded








producer at the receipt point(s) (i) if the producer(s) covered by the allocation

agreement between Transporter and aggregator have not provided their written

consent to the arrangement, or (ii) if the aggregator does not demonstrate that it

has the authority and ability to control the flow of gas from the applicable

receipt point(s). If the entire gas flow at a receipt point is not covered by

operational balancing agreements during a period of time, then Transporter may

allocate quantities to all Shippers in proportion to each Shipper's pro rata share

of confirmed nominations for all services.


(b) Allocation of Deliveries - Unless prohibited by applicable law or regulation, the

quantities delivered by Transporter at any delivery point shall be allocated among

Shippers and services as follows:


In accordance with any allocation procedures specifically agreed to by Transporter

and the Operator in the Operational Balancing Agreement set forth in Tariff Sheet

Nos. 126 through 132; provided, however, Transporter will not be required to enter

into arrangements with such operators if they are not in accordance with the

provisions set forth in Article XXII of these General Terms and Conditions or they

do not demonstrate that they have the contractual right to allocate gas deliveries

at such points.


In the absence of a methodology as described above, Transporter shall allocate

quantities across all services nominated and confirmed between Transporter and

Operator, in proportion to those quantities nominated and confirmed for each



(c) Notification of Allocation Rules - Upon receipt of a request from Shipper,

Transporter will promptly notify Shipper of the applicable rules governing the

allocation of Shipper's gas at Shipper's Receipt and Delivery Points.


3. Scheduling and Allocation of Capacity


(a) Initial Service: Shipper shall provide Transporter, through Transporter's

Electronic Bulletin Board system, the information specified by a Customer

Nomination Form as set forth beginning at Tariff Sheet No. 117, (1) three business

days, with respect to scheduling interruptible transportation services, or (2)

three business days, with respect to scheduling firm transportation services, prior

to the proposed commencement of service, unless a lesser period of time is mutually

agreed upon by Shipper, Transporter and applicable OBA Operator(s). A copy of the

completed Customer Nomination Form shall be provided to the OBA Operator(s) at the

receipt and delivery points through which Shipper desires to receive service and