Viking Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 52-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 43 Original Sheet No. 43 : Superseded









(a) all gas shall have a total heating value of not less than nine hundred sixty-seven

(967) Btus per cubic foot, and not more than eleven hundred (1100) Btu's per cubic



(b) all gas shall be commercially free (at prevailing pressure and temperature in

Transporter's pipeline) from objectionable odors, dust, hydrocarbon liquids, water

and any other substance that might become separated from the gas in Transporter's

facilities, and Shipper shall furnish, install, maintain and operate such drips,

separators, heaters, and other mechanical devices as may be necessary to effect

compliance with such requirements (after having secured the prior approval of

Transporter as to the design and construction of such facilities, which approval

shall not be unreasonably withheld);


(c) all gas shall not contain more than twenty (20) grains of total sulphur, nor more

than one fourth (1/4) of one grain of hydrogen sulphide per one hundred (100) cubic



(d) not contain more than two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) by volume of oxygen, and

Shipper shall make every reasonable effort to keep the gas free of oxygen;


(e) not contain more than four percent (4%) by volume of a combined total of carbon

dioxide and nitrogen components; provided, however, that the total carbon dioxide

content shall not exceed three percent (3%) by volume;


(f) have a temperature of not more than one hundred twenty degrees (120 degrees)



(g) have been dehydrated by Shipper for removal of entrained water present therein in a

vapor state, and in no event contain more than seven (7) pounds of entrained water

per million cubic feet, at a pressure base of fourteen and seventy three hundredths

(14.73) pounds per square inch and a temperature of sixty degrees (60 degrees)

Fahrenheit as determined by dew-point apparatus approved by the Bureau of Mines or

such other apparatus as may be mutually agreed upon.


4. The design and construction of any facilities to be installed by Shipper in order to

comply with the quality specifications in Article II, Section 3 shall be approved by

Transporter prior to such facilities being placed in service, such approval not to be

unreasonably withheld.


5. Tests to determine sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen

content shall be made by approved standard methods in general use in the gas industry.