Viking Gas Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/20/2005, Docket: RP05-158-001, Status: Effective

Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 87E Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 87E : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 87E







30.1 Flexible Point Rights


(a) A Shipper may request primary points ("Primary Points") under Company's

firm Rate Schedules. Each Primary Point agreed to by Shipper and Company

shall be identified in Exhibit A of the Firm Transportation Agreement

along with the MDQ that is applicable to that Primary Point. The sum of

the quantities of gas from the Primary Delivery Points, specified in the

Firm Transportation Agreement may not exceed the firm TQ stated in the

Firm Transportation Agreement.


(b) Relocation of Primary Point Rights


A Shipper may submit a request to amend its Firm Transportation Agreement

to change any Primary Point or to modify the quantity of gas assigned to

any Primary Point. Such request may be submitted once in any 15 day

period. Changes to the Firm Transportation Agreement shall not reduce the

economic value of the Firm Transportation Agreement to Company without

Company's written consent. Company shall evaluate such requests to amend

its Firm Transportation Agreement based on the availability of capacity at

such point, the operational needs of its system and the requirements of

its FERC Gas Tariff.


30.2 Segmentation Rights


(a) Segmentation via Nomination Process


The Shipper may use the nomination process to segment capacity. To

segment its Primary Path into two or more discrete segments for its own

use or in connection with a capacity release pursuant to Section 21 of

these General Terms and Conditions, the Shipper must nominate a receipt

point and a corresponding delivery point up to the MDQ applicable to each

proposed segment of the Primary Path as provided in Subsections 30.4 and

30.5 of these General Terms and Conditions. Company shall schedule

nominations for receipt points and delivery points subject to the

availability of capacity on Company's system, Company's operational

requirements and the requirements of this Section and its FERC Gas Tariff.

All receipt points must be located at a physical point of interconnection

between Company and another pipeline.