Viking Gas Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/2009, Docket: RP09-279-000, Status: Effective

Ninth Revised Sheet No. 80 Ninth Revised Sheet No. 80

Superseding: Eighth Revised Sheet No. 80







21.11 Further Conditions on Release of Transportation Rights (Continued)


(f) Releasing Shippers may, to the extent permitted as a condition of the

capacity release, recall released capacity (scheduled or unscheduled) at

the Timely Nomination cycle and the Evening Nomination cycle, and recall

unscheduled released capacity at the Intra-day 1 and Intra-day 2

Nomination cycles by providing notice to the Company by the following

times for each cycle: 8 a.m. CCT for the Timely Nomination cycle;

5:00 p.m. CCT for the Evening Nomination Cycle; 8 a.m. CCT for the

Intra-day 1 Nomination cycle, and 3:00 p.m. CCT for the Intra-day 2

Nomination cycle. Notification to Replacement Shippers provided by

Company within one hour of receipt of recall notification.


(g) Company may invalidate any release or any bid subsequent to its posting on

its System which does not conform in all respects to the requirements of

Company's Tariff and such invalidated release or bid shall be deemed null

and void.


(h) Notwithstanding any release hereunder, all Releasing Shippers shall remain

responsible for payment of the reservation charge for firm transportation

service released. The Releasing Shipper shall receive a reservation

credit equaling the reservation dollars which Company receives from the

Replacement Shipper. The Releasing Shipper will receive credit at the same

time Company invoices the Replacement Shipper for the released capacity,

provided, if the Replacement Shipper defaults and Company must seek

payment from the Releasing Shipper, Company will assess the Releasing

Shipper interest at the FERC approved rate. A reservation rate for the

purposes of this Section consists of (i) the base reservation rate, and

(ii) all applicable surcharges, provided that for releases made on a

volumetric basis, the reservation charge shall equal the daily reservation

rate multiplied by the applicable quantity plus all applicable surcharges.

Any discount from said rate comes first off the surcharges and then off

the base reservation rate. Therefore, a Releasing Shipper paying a

discounted rate is only entitled to receive any revenues from the release

of its capacity that exceed the amount of the applicable surcharges.


(i) Company shall bill Replacement Shipper based upon the rates, charges

and surcharges incorporated by Exhibit into the Released

Transportation Agreement. For releases with a term of more than one

year, or for releases with a term of one year or less that will take

effect more than one year from the date Releasing Shipper notifies the

Company of the release, the commodity charges for the Replacement

Shipper will include the maximum commodity rate under the applicable

rate schedule including all adjustments. If the Replacement Shipper

fails to pay all or any portion of any bill by the due date specified

on the invoice, Company shall send an invoice to the Releasing Shipper

for all unpaid amounts up to the amount of the Releasing Shipper's

[reservation charge, which the Releasing Shipper shall pay to Company

with interest thereon, which interest shall be calculated from the

date which Company credited the Releasing Shipper for the applicable

reservation charges in accordance with h above.