Viking Gas Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/13/2006, Docket: RP06-273-000, Status: Effective

Twelfth Revised Sheet No. 48 Twelfth Revised Sheet No. 48 : Effective

Superseding: Tenth Revised Sheet No. 48







3.4 Nominations (Continued)


(c) Intra-day Changes in Nominations


All nominations, including Intra-day Nominations, should be based on a

daily quantity; thus, an intra-day nominator need not submit an hourly

nomination. Intra-day Nominations should include an effective date and

time. The interconnected parties should agree on the hourly flows of the

Intra-day Nomination, if not otherwise addressed in Transportation Service

Provider's contract or Tariff. Intra-day Nominations can be used to

request increases or decreases in total flow, changes to receipt points,

or changes to delivery points of scheduled gas. Gas Day nominations do

not rollover (i.e. Intra-day Nominations span one Gas Day only). Intra-

day Nominations do not replace the remainder of a standing nomination.

There is no need to re-nominate if Intra-day Nomination modifies existing

nomination. [1.3.9], 1.3.11, and [1.3.13]


Company may accept, on a not unduly discriminatory basis, a nomination

change, following the Intra-day 2 Nomination Cycle for the remainder of

the Gas Day, under any rate schedule in this Tariff if, in Company's

reasonable judgment, the acceptance of such nomination will not adversely

affect the timely processing by Company of all other nominations which do

comply with the timelines hereunder and sufficient capacity is available

to provide the requested service.


The calculation of any penalties provided for under Company's Tariff shall

take into consideration all scheduled nominations on a pro rata basis.


(d) Notification of Scheduling


The Balancing Party of the applicable receipt and delivery points will

confirm with Company that Shipper's nominated quantities will be received

or delivered. Shipper and applicable Balancing Party(s) will transmit and

receive information in accordance with Subsection 3.4(a).


(e) Routing of Gas


Scheduling and billing for transportation services will be determined by

the information that Shipper provides Company specifying the daily

point-to-point routing for receipts and deliveries.