Vector Pipeline L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 240 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 240

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 240


1. Prior to the date and time of flow at each Location, the Parties shall

confirm and schedule nominations which shall be delivered or received at

each Location. Such _____________________________1 between the Parties

shall be made _______________,2 unless otherwise mutually agreed to by

the Parties.


2. The Parties intend that the quantity of Gas actually delivered and

received each Day at each Location will equal the Scheduled Quantities

for that location. Each Party will allocate quantities which have been

delivered and received at each Location among the Service Requester

Agreements on its system pursuant to the Scheduled Quantities at such

locations. Any imbalance created, when the actual physical flow is

different than the Scheduled Quantities, will be the "Operational

Imbalance," which will be the responsibility of the Parties to eliminate

pursuant to this Agreement. [Parties may establish a maximum

Operational Imbalance and procedures for immediate or accelerated

resolution if such maximum is reached.]


3. Estimated operating quantities flowing at each Location shall be used

__________________________3 during any current period to determine the

estimated Operational Imbalance at such Location, with physical flow

adjustments to be made during that current period as mutually agreed to

by both Parties to attempt to maintain or achieve an Operational

Imbalance of zero at such point; provided, however, __________________.4


4. a. The actual measured quantity of Gas at the Location each month

shall be determined and communicated by the measuring party

("Measuring Party") by fax, electronic interface system or in

writing to the other Party in accordance with NAESB Standard

2.3.7. The actual measured quantity shall be determined pursuant

to the applicable provisions of the Measuring Party's Tariff or

applicable measurement procedures. Operational Imbalances shall be

calculated initially by measuring Party and shall agree to

_________5 by the Parties prior to the ______ Day of such period.


b. Operational Imbalances shall be resolved as follows:_____________



5. In the event that a capacity constraint occurs in either Party's system

which results in curtailment of quantities through a Location,



6. This Agreement is entered into in order to facilitate operations and

accounting between the Parties, and shall have no effect upon the

Service Requester Agreements or upon the effectiveness of any Party's

Gas Tariff or General Terms and Conditions.8


7. [Establish a procedure by which locations are added to or deleted from

this Agreement or Exhibit 1.]