Vector Pipeline L.P.

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Effective Date: 12/01/2003, Docket: RP03-489-001, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 170 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 170 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 170


(Rates per Dth/d)


Shipper Rate Term of Contract

Identification Schedule Contract Demand

(Dth/d) Receipt Points Delivery Points Rate


Enbridge Gas (FT-1) 2/ 79,000 Alliance Pipeline L.P. Vector Pipeline Limited 4/

Distribution Inc.1/ Northern Border Pipeline Partnership3/





1. This contract does not deviate in any material aspect from the form of service agreement.


2. The primary term of this Firm Transportation Contract is from March 20, 2000 (the date the agreement was made and entered into) until the fifteenth

(15th) anniversary of the Commissioning Date. For purposes of this agreement, "Commissioning Date" is defined as the date when all facilities of both

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and Vector Pipeline L.P. have been completed, tested, and available for service, and permission to commence service has

been granted by both FERC and the National Energy Board respectively. The term of the agreement may be extended by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. for

periods of a minimum of one year.


3. "Vector Pipeline L.P." is the United States portion of the Vector Pipeline. "Vector Pipeline Limited Partnership" is the Canadian portion of the



4. Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. will pay a capped negotiated rate consisting of a Negotiated Reservation Charge and a Usage Charge.


The Negotiated Rate Reservation Charge shall be calculated using the same components as comprise Vector Pipeline L.P.'s Recourse Reservation Charge,

with the following modifications, elements, and components: (i) an imputed capital structure consisting of 55% debt and 45% equity; (ii) a weighted

average cost of debt; (iii) an assumed annual Operation and Maintenance expense adjusted for inflation and the addition of new facilities; (iv) a

return on equity of 11.5% subject to an incentive adjustment; (v) normalized income taxes; (vi) a depreciation rate based on reverse

sum-of-the-year's-digits methodology using a twenty-year term; and (vii) a rate base that includes capital costs, line pack, credit for Account No. 82,

and all other traditional rate base items, including AFUDC.


The Usage Charge will recover all costs that vary with quantities actually shipped. Fuel and Lost and Unaccounted for Gas will be recovered on an

actual tracked basis. The Usage Charge is expected to be minimal.


Notwithstanding the Negotiated Rate Reservation Charge and Usage Charge methodologies outlined above, the total Negotiated rate is capped at $0.237 per

Dth (on a 100% load factor basis) for Contracted Capacity for delivery in the United States, or $0.250 per Dth (on a 100% load factor basis) less any

tolls charged by Vector Pipeline Limited Partnership for Contracted Capacity for delivery to Vector Pipeline Limited Partnership for redelivery in

Canada. The cap does not apply to all generally applicable FERC approved charges such as the Annual Charge Adjustment, Fuel, and Lost and Unaccounted

For Gas.