Vector Pipeline L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2005, Docket: RP05-295-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 162 First Revised Sheet No. 162 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 162

2. Filing Requirement. No later than the Business Day on which

Transporter commences service at a Negotiated Rate (or if the day

on which Transporter commences service is not a Business Day, then

no later than the next Business Day thereafter), Transporter will

file either the Negotiated Rate Transportation Agreement or a

tariff sheet stating the exact legal name of the Shipper, the

Negotiated Rate, the rate schedule, the receipt and delivery

points, the contract quantity, and, where applicable, the exact

formula underlying a Negotiated Rate for any Negotiated Rate

Transportation Agreement. To the extent any Negotiated Rate

Transportation Agreement deviates in any material respect from the

Form of Agreement in the tariff for the applicable rate schedule,

such agreement will be filed with FERC.


3. Precondition. Transporter and Shipper have executed a valid

Transportation Agreement for a Negotiated Rate. At the time of

execution, service was available for Shipper under one or more of

the rate schedules generally applicable to all Shippers at a

recourse rate. Transporter will not negotiate terms and conditions

of service. Negotiated Rates do not apply where Shipper has

acquired its capacity under the capacity release provisions of

section 29.


4. Allocation of Capacity. For purposes of allocating capacity,

whether by Transporter or pursuant to the capacity release

provisions of section 29, a Negotiated Rate Shipper paying a rate

higher than the maximum applicable recourse rate will be deemed to

be paying a rate equal to such maximum recourse rate. The price

cap for bidding for capacity under the right of first refusal

provisions in section 32 is the maximum recourse rate.


5. Capacity Release. The release of capacity under a Negotiated Rate

Transportation Agreement is capped at the maximum recourse rate,

except for releases where no such rate cap applies; provided,

however, the Negotiated Rate Shipper will continue to be obligated

to pay Transporter any difference by which the revenue due under

the Negotiated Rate Transportation Agreement exceeds the revenue

received from the Replacement Shipper. Transporter and a

Negotiated Rate Shipper may agree upon payment obligations and

crediting mechanisms which vary from or are different from those

set forth in Transporter's capacity release provisions in section