Vector Pipeline L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 155 Sixth Revised Sheet No. 155

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 155


(b) Type of service requested.


(c) Requested Contract Quantity for Rate Schedules FT-1, FT-L or

FT-H service stated in Dth per Day and Hourly Delivery

Period (4 to 16 hours) and Maximum Hourly Delivery Quantity

(Dth per hour) for Rate Schedule FT-H service (if



(d) Requested date of commencement of service (if applicable).


(e) Requested term of service (if applicable).


(f) Requested Receipt Point(s) and Delivery Point(s), identified

by NAESB Common Code, together with the name of the entity

delivering Gas to Transporter and the name of the entity to

receive Gas from Transporter (if applicable).


(g) A copy of a signed Agency Notification Form, available on

Transporter's EBB, from Shipper authorizing agent to act on

behalf of the Shipper to secure the service requested. If

agent requests service on behalf of a Shipper, the agent

shall provide the name, address, telephone number and

primary business of the Shipper (if applicable).


2. Accommodating Requests for Firm Service


(a) Subject to the provisions of GT&C section 32, as firm

capacity becomes available, requests for firm services shall

be fulfilled first, commencing with the requested service

offering the greatest economic value for the capacity

available. If the economic values, as determined below, of

separate service requests are equal, then service shall be

offered in sequence starting with the request for such

service with the earliest date. If separate service

requests have equal economic values and the same date of

request, service shall be offered to such requests on a pro-

rata basis.