Vector Pipeline L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 108 Second Revised Sheet No. 108

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 108


47. "QuickNom™" means Transporter's Customer Activities Web site

pursuant to NAESB Standard 4.3.10 which is available to any

Shipper who has executed a "QuickNom™" Access Agreement. In the

event of a failure of electronic nomination/scheduling

communication equipment, the Internet, or a third party service

provider, or any other similar emergency event, the term

"QuickNom™" shall also incorporate a mutually agreed upon means of

alternate communication between Shipper and Transporter.


48. "Rate Zone" shall mean the physical portions of Transporter's

system identified as zones for rate purposes, with Zone 1

consisting of Milepost 0 to Milepost 43 and Zone 2 consisting of

Milepost 0 to Milepost 333.


49. "Receipt Point" is any point on Transporter's system where

quantities of Gas may be received by Transporter.


50. "Released Capacity" is capacity reserved under the terms of an

effective Firm Transportation Agreement that a Releasing Shipper

seeks to release, on either a permanent or temporary basis.


51. "Releasing Shipper" or "Releasor" is a Shipper who holds or

acquires firm capacity rights and who elects to release all or a

part of such capacity.


52. "Replacement Shipper" is a Shipper who acquires all or part of the

rights to capacity held by a Releasing Shipper under the terms of

an effective Firm Transportation Agreement, on either a permanent

or temporary basis.


53. "Reservation Charge" means the reservation charge component of the

rate applicable to firm transportation service as specified in

Transporter's Tariff and the Firm Transportation Agreement between

such Shipper and Transporter.


54. "Scheduled Quantity" is the quantity of Gas a Shipper nominates

for receipt by Transporter at a Receipt Point and nominates for

redelivery by Transporter for Shipper at a Delivery Point, and

that Transporter schedules for transportation.


55. "Shipper" means a Person who uses the services of Transporter

pursuant to the Tariff.


56. "System Capacity" is the quantitative ability of Transporter's

existing system to provide maximum Gas transportation service.

The ability of Transporter's system to maintain Gas transportation

service may be limited by changes in prevailing operating

pressures, temperatures, Gas flow rates and Gas flow directions

within any portion(s) of Transporter's system, including any

Receipt Point(s) or Delivery Point(s); physical capacity