Vector Pipeline L.P.

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 67 Third Revised Sheet No. 67

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 67


5.2 Shippers using segmented capacity may make forward and backhaul

deliveries to the same point. Shippers using segmented capacity

may not make nominations in which the total of the segmentation

nominations on any overlapping segment exceeds the firm

entitlements of the initial Transportation Agreement which was

segmented. If there are overlapping nominations, and if the

Releasing and Replacement Shippers have (a) agreed to a protocol

for resolving such overlapping nominations and (b) have provided

such protocol to Transporter at the time of the release,

Transporter will apply the agreed to protocol. In all other

instances of overlapping nominations, a Shipper(s) nominating

capacity within its segmented path shall have scheduling priority

over a Shipper(s) nominating outside its segmented path. Where

two or more Shippers have overlapping nominations due to each

nominating outside their respective segmented paths, the

conflicting nominations shall be adjusted pro rata based on each

Shipper's segmented Contracted Capacity to match the available

remaining firm entitlements of the initial Transportation

Agreement which was segmented.




If Shipper desires transportation of Gas on any Day under this Rate

Schedule, Shipper must nominate and schedule in accordance with sections

5 and 6 of the GT&C and/or section 2.7 under this Rate Schedule, as





Overrun quantities and imbalances associated with transportation under

this Rate Schedule and Firm Transportation Agreements under this Rate

Schedule shall be governed by and resolved pursuant to section 9 of the

GT&C. Overrun quantities shall be calculated as the greater of (i)

daily quantities transported in excess of Contract Capacity, or (ii)

hourly quantities transported in excess of the Maximum Hourly Delivery

Quantity shown in Exhibit A to Shipper's Firm Transportation Agreement.




If, on any Day during any month due to a force majeure event (as

provided in GT&C section 19), Transporter fails to receive the quantity

scheduled pursuant to section 6 of the GT&C and made available by a

Shipper, or to deliver the Dths actually received from a Shipper (such

Dths to be determined on the basis of the average heat content of such

Shipper's Gas), such Shipper shall remain obligated to pay the

applicable Reservation Charge for that month. Such Shipper's invoice for

the subsequent month, however, shall be reduced by a Reservation Charge

Credit in an amount equal to the applicable Reservation Charge specified

in the Firm Transportation Agreement, calculated on a per Dth basis,

multiplied by the difference between the quantity of Gas Transporter

authorized for delivery pursuant to section 6 of the GT&C and which was

made available by Shipper, and the actual quantity of Gas delivered by

Transporter for the account of Shipper. If, however, Transporter and

Shipper mutually agree, Transporter may allow Shipper to transport make-

up Gas within an agreed-upon period of time, in which event Transporter

shall be relieved of its obligation to provide Reservation Charge





Transporter reserves the right to take such actions as may be required

to preserve the integrity of Transporter's system, including maintenance

of service to other firm customers.