Vector Pipeline L.P.

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 52 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 52

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 52


greater than the hourly Gas quantities required under the MBA

Agreement. Such Gas quantities tendered for transportation by

Balancing Provider will be designated for delivery at a Delivery

Point(s) that is at or beyond the Balancing Point(s) under the MBA

Agreement. Such points may include point(s) in Canada on

Transporter's interconnected affiliate pipeline, Vector Pipeline

Limited Partnership.


1.7 Where Rate Schedule PALS-1 is to be used as a Balancing Point,

Balancing Provider must have in effect a PALS-1 Park and Loan

Service Agreement, which will operate pursuant to section 2.7 of

Rate Schedule MBA.




2.1 This Rate Schedule shall apply to Management of Balancing Service

where Transporter manages a balancing agreement that a Balancing

Provider has entered into with a Balancing Customer.


2.2 Balancing Provider shall either itself be physically connected to

Transporter's system, or have contractual rights to capacity on

Transporter's system or at an interconnect with Transporter's



2.3 Because Balancing Provider cannot control the physical flow of Gas

both into and off Transporter's system, Transporter will manage

the physical flow of Gas receipts and deliveries on its system at

the Balancing Point(s) and Market Point for the purpose of

maintaining acceptable line pack within Transporter's system.


2.4 Balancing Provider is responsible for ensuring it has sufficient

quantities of Gas scheduled under its Associated Transportation

Agreement(s) at or beyond the Market Point and Balancing Point(s)

at any point in time during the Gas Day on Transporter's system to

meet or exceed the balancing requirements under the MBA Agreement.

The Management of Balancing Service under this MBA Agreement will

be limited to a maximum hourly quantity not to exceed the hourly

rates of flow under the Associated Transportation Agreement(s).


2.5 Balancing Provider must designate Receipt and Delivery Point(s)

under its Associated Transportation Agreement(s) that will allow

the physical flow of Gas sufficient to satisfy the requirements of

the MBA Agreement.


2.6 The terms of GT&C section 17 shall apply to the Associated

Transportation Agreement(s).