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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-678-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 51 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 51

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 51




Management of Balancing Agreement Service




This Rate Schedule is available to any party (hereafter called

"Balancing Provider") who contracts with a Shipper or another party

(hereafter called "Balancing Customer") for the purpose of providing

Balancing Customer with balancing services. At the request, and under

the direction of, Balancing Provider, Transporter will manage the

balancing service, provided that:


1.1 Balancing Provider has entered into a Management of Balancing

Agreement ("MBA Agreement") in the form contained in Transporter's

Gas Tariff for service under this rate schedule.


1.2 Balancing Provider has entered into a balancing agreement with

Balancing Customer, and has provided the same to Transporter for

it to determine that the terms and conditions are (i) not

inconsistent with Transporter's Gas Tariff, except as may be noted

herein, (ii) operationally and administratively feasible for

Transporter to manage, and (iii) are otherwise acceptable to



1.3 Balancing Provider can provide Transporter with the receipt of Gas

or the delivery of Gas at point(s) (hereafter called "Balancing

Point(s)") which are at or downstream of the point that is

balanced (hereafter called "Market Point") on behalf of Balancing

Customer. Such Balancing Point(s) may include point(s) in Canada

on Transporter's interconnected affiliate pipeline, Vector

Pipeline Limited Partnership.


1.4 Balancing Provider provides Transporter with (i) written proof of

its access to and/or control of the Balancing Point(s) and Market

Point at which the balancing will take place, (ii) the names and

methods of communicating with persons who are authorized to act

for Balancing Provider and whom Transporter can contact for

purposes of managing the balancing service.


1.5 Balancing Provider has satisfied the creditworthiness criteria in

section 31 of the GT&C of Transporter's Gas Tariff.


1.6 Balancing Provider has in effect a Transportation Agreement(s)

under Rate Schedules FT-1, FT-L, FT-H, or IT-1 (hereafter called

"Associated Transportation Agreement(s)") and represents and

undertakes to tender to Transporter for transportation pursuant to

that Associated Transportation Agreement(s) such quantities of Gas

as may be required for purposes of performing the requested

balancing service at an hourly quantity that is equal to or