Vector Pipeline L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-479-002, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 49 Second Revised Sheet No. 49 : Effective


Vector Pipeline L.P. Second Revised Sheet No. 49

FERC Gas Tariff Superseding

Original Volume No. 1 First Revised Sheet No. 49



2.3 Transportation to/from the Eligible Points identified in the TTS Agreement

shall be performed in accordance with provisions of the Subject Service

Agreements and the terms of this Tariff. In this regard, TTS shall be

subject to the character and priority of service that pertains to the

transportation services, as reflected in the Subject Service Agreements.




3.1 The rates and charges payable by Customer under this Rate Schedule shall

include all applicable rates and charges set forth at the currently

effective Statement of Rates and Charges of this Tariff. These rates and

charges are incorporated herein by reference.


3.2 Transporter may elect to offer service at a rate that is less than the

maximum but no less than the minimum rates applicable to this Rate Schedule.

However, Transporter is not obligated to offer to provide service at any

rate less than the maximum rate.




4.1 For TTS provided under this Rate Schedule, Customer shall pay Transporter

each month the following:


(a) A charge per transaction for each title transfer.


(b) Any other applicable rates, charges and penalties as set forth in

section 9 of the GT&C of this Tariff, except that for purposes of this

service the applicable tolerance shall be 10 Dth.




5.1 Each TTS Agreement shall specify Eligible Points at which Transporter shall

permit Customer to nominate title transfers resulting from the purchase and

sale of quantities of Gas, subject to adequate corresponding rights under

the Subject Service Agreement(s).




6.1 General Procedure.


(a) For any Day when Customer desires Transporter to track a title

transfer for Customer's account under this Rate Schedule, Customer

shall nominate to Transporter in accordance with section 5 of the GT&C

of this Tariff, specifying: