Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2000, Docket: GT01- 6-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 4800 Original Sheet No. 4800 : Effective






THIS AGREEMENT, entered into as of this ______ day of _____________, 20__ ("Agreement"), between


("Customer"), and Gulf South Pipeline Company LP ("Gulf South").


Whereas, Gulf South has developed html pages to facilitate access to and to provide information

concerning transportation and sales on its Internet Web Site; and


Whereas, Customer desires its employees access to Customer's proprietary information available

via the public Internet on the Internet Web Site; and


In consideration of the mutual benefits accruing hereunder, Customer and Gulf South agree as



1. Gulf South agrees to provide Customer with open and non discriminatory access to the

Customer's information promptly upon Customer's completion and Gulf South's acceptance of

this Agreement and Exhibit "A" titled INTERNET USERID/PASSWORD REQUEST FORM, attached

hereto and made a part hereof (Exhibit "A"), upon the terms and conditions set forth in

this Agreement.


2. Customer's employees may receive distinct codes and passwords ("USERIDS") permitting

access to Customer's proprietary information via the public Internet ("Protected Data").

Customer agrees and stipulates that any employee permitted by Customer to access the

Internet Web Site Protected Data shall have the legal authority to act on behalf of

Customer in performing Customer electronic functions, including those functions which are

made available at a later date.


3. Prior to being issued USERIDS, each of Customer's authorized employees shall return to

Gulf South a completed Customer application attached hereto as Exhibit "A". Customer

agrees to provide Gulf South with a revised Exhibit "A" promptly upon any material change

to the information provided therein.


4. Customer's USERIDS are confidential and are used to identify Customer. Customer agrees

that only authorized employees of Customer will be given Customer's USERIDS and only

authorized persons will be permitted to access the Protected Data on Customer's behalf

via the public Internet. Customer agrees to keep confidential all USERIDS issued by Gulf

South to Customer. Customer further agrees that Customer and its authorized employees

will not disclose its USERIDS to anyone. Customer shall be responsible for and accepts

liability for any use of the Protected Data that is traced to Customer's USERIDS.


5. Customer agrees to promptly notify Gulf South if there is any indication that a security

breach has occurred with regard to Customer's USERIDS. This includes, but is not limited

to, (i) loss of confidentiality of USERIDS; (ii) termination of employment of any

authorized employee; or (iii) loss of authority to access Protected Data by an authorized

employee. Such notification shall be made to the Gulf South Exchange Customer Support

Coordinator immediately by telephone and shall be followed by written notification within

five (5) business days. Gulf South may terminate USERID(S) immediately upon receipt of

any such telephonic or written notice.