Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/14/2004, Docket: RP04-256-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 4756 First Revised Sheet No. 4756 : Effective



(c) Gulf South shall charge and CompanyName shall pay a

gathering charge per Dth as specified on Exhibit A for

gathered SLNs. If a gathering rate is not specified for a

gathered SLN, the maximum gathering rate authorized pursuant

to Gulf South's Tariff shall apply.


(d) Shipper shall also pay cash for fuel or provide through

retainage the maximum applicable fuel that Gulf South is

authorized to charge/collect under its Tariff for the

volumes actually transported.


(e) [If a specific requirement as set forth in Section 7.7

is the basis of the discount, then it will be established



2. The rates in Exhibit A are applicable to firm transportation service

using the Primary Point Pair(s) listed on Exhibit A. In the event that

CompanyName selects a point pair not listed on Exhibit A, or elects to utilize

its Primary Point Pair(s) in excess of the applicable Primary Point Pair

contract MDQ, then the applicable transportation rate for that portion of the

Agreement's MDQ shall be the maximum applicable tariff rate in Gulf South's

Tariff, plus fuel and all applicable surcharges that Gulf South is authorized

to charge under its Tariff, unless another rate is dictated by Section 7.8 of

Gulf South's Tariff or otherwise negotiated by Gulf South and CompanyName

prior to CompanyName's nomination using such point pair.


3. The rates set forth in Paragraph 2 are applicable to the firm

transportation service described in this Agreement between the specific

Primary Point Pairs listed on Exhibit A. To the extent that CompanyName

elects to flow gas to or from supplemental receipt point(s), supplemental

delivery point(s) or both as listed on Exhibits B and C, then the applicable

supplemental charges(s), if any, for those transactions shall be applied.


(a) For all other supplemental point transactions

where the point is not included on Exhibits B and C,

the rate shall be, subject to the terms of Section

7.8(b) of Gulf South's Tariff, the maximum applicable

transportation rate under the Tariff calculated on a

100% load factor basis, plus the maximum applicable

fuel rate and all applicable surcharges unless another

rate is agreed to by the parties.


(b) By mutual written agreement, both Exhibits B and C

may be modified to add or delete points, which can be

utilized by CompanyName on a supplemental basis at

discounted rates established by the parties.