Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2003, Docket: RP00-340-009, Status: Effective

Sec. Sub. Original Sheet No. 3002 Sec. Sub. Original Sheet No. 3002 : Effective



Section 25




Nominations using a Virtual Point as a receipt point under an NNS

agreement must be nominated to one of the NNS Customer's primary

delivery points under its agreement. All nominations under an NNS

service agreement from either a Virtual Point, a physical receipt

point, or a Pooling Point to a primary delivery point will reduce

the Customer's Available Quantities on a Dth to Dth basis. Total

nominations from a combination of physical points, Pooling Points

and Virtual Points to a primary delivery point cannot exceed

Available Quantities.


25.5 Small Customer Option Segmentation - FTS and NNS Customers who

are utilizing the Small Customer Option (SCO) may nominate

receipts from any Virtual Point, provided, however, NNS-SCO

Customers can only segment up to 50% of the Customer's Seasonal

MDQ. Such Customer may segment its capacity using Virtual Points,

provided that an SCO Customer nominates equivalent quantities from

a Virtual Point under an equivalent SCO service agreement.


25.6 Balancing - Confirmed quantities into a Virtual Point and

confirmed quantities from that same Virtual Point will be balanced

during each nomination cycle and on a daily basis. A Customer

will not be allowed at any time to balance its nominations at

Virtual Points by trading Virtual Point imbalances between Virtual

Points. A Customer may transport between Virtual Points to bring

its positions at both Virtual Points into balance. Imbalances

between the receipt point and a Virtual Point are the

responsibility of the transportation Customer nominating that

transaction. Imbalances between the Virtual Point and a delivery

point are the responsibility of the transportation Customer

nominating that transaction. All transportation imbalances will

be resolved pursuant to Section 20.