Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP01-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 2432 Original Sheet No. 2432 : Effective



Section 17



4.3.47 Where they exist for the same business function, flat files and

EDI should use the same nomenclature for data set names, data

element names, code values and/or code value descriptions,

abbreviations and message text. Corresponding Web pages should

used data set names, data element names, code value descriptions,

abbreviations and message text that correspond to those used in

flat files and EDI, where they exist.


4.3.48 Totals, when appropriate, should be displayed within the Content

Area of the Web page in a manner which distinguishes them from the



4.3.49 Where navigation and/or processing functions exist for a Customer

Activity, the Content Area should contain navigation in the Header

on the left and processing functions in the Header on the right.


4.3.50 Navigation for input data lookups, if provided, should be placed

near the field being looked up. Navigation for informational

lookups, if provided, should be included in the header.


4.3.51 GISB Common Codes for entity and location should be available for

data validation or selection (viewing) on a Customer Activities

Web site and in a standardized downloadable format for use by

customers and third party service providers. Cross-references to

proprietary codes may be provided on a mutually agreeable basis.


4.3.52 A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) which determines to

provide new features utilizing existing transaction sets via GISB

EBB/EDM, for each transaction upon inception of support for such

service, should:


- If GISB EDI/EDM or FF/EDM standards exist for the transaction

set, provide the service via EDI/EDM, or FF/EDM or both, utilizing

modifications defined by the TSP to the existing file structures;




- Submit a request for modification or enhancement of the

transaction set to GISB including details of the interim EBB/EDM,

EDI/EDM and/or FF/EDM implementation.


4.3.53 Where a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) utilizes a subset of

available GISB code values for specific data elements for inbound

documents to the TSP, the TSP should make available a list of the

supported code values in a download utilizing a GISB electronic