Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-421-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 2415B Original Sheet No. 2415B : Effective



Section 17



1.3.68 All Title Transfer Tracking services should be performed under a

contract or other arrangement between the Account Holder and their

Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider.


1.3.69 A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) should communicate with

any Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider (TTTSP) that performs

according to the applicable contract between the TTTSP and the

TSP, and that operates in accordance with those GISB standards

applicable to Title Transfer Tracking.


1.3.70 Title Transfer Tracking should be conducted using existing

applicable data sets.


1.3.71 A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) may operate in a manner

such that allocated quantities will equal scheduled quantities for

gas quantities into and out of a Title Transfer Tracking Service

Provider (TTTSP) from or to a pool(s). If a TSP operates in such a

manner, then the TSP should not be required to accept Pre-

determined Allocations (PDAs) for those transactions nor

separately provide, or transmit, Allocations to parties to such

transactions. Where the allocated quantities with respect to a

TTTSP are different than the scheduled quantities provided by the

TSP to the TTTSP, for the same period, then the TSP should provide

to the TTTSP Allocations (GISB Standard No. 2.4.3) for the

quantities into the TTTSP. In addition, the TSP should either


(a) Allocations from the TTTSP, or,

(b) PDAs from the TTTSP.

Such information should be delineated at the level of the

nomination line items provided by the TTTSP to the TSP for the

purpose of allocating quantities out of the TTTSP.


1.3.72 Absent ranking information provided by the Third Party Account

Administrator and absent a contrary mutual agreement to proceed

otherwise, where transactions related to Third Party Account

Administrator (3PAD) activities are not balanced at the end of any

confirmation cycle, transactions entering the 3PAD (receipt) or

leaving the 3PAD (delivery), whichever is higher, should be

reduced pro rata to match the total of the transactions on the

other side of the 3PAD.