Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2003, Docket: RP00-340-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1715 Original Sheet No. 1715 : Superseded




Section 10



Gulf South shall endeavor to coordinate such routine repair

and maintenance with Customers and in the event of a

scheduled outage, Gulf South shall give such notice to its

customers as may be reasonably practical under the

circumstances. Customer shall release Gulf South from all

liability in connection with all claims, causes of action,

losses, and damages which Customer may suffer, sustain or be

liable as a result of the implementation of the curtailment

provisions of this Section unless the implementation of the

curtailment provisions were the result of Gulf South's

willful misconduct. Gulf South shall not be liable for

granting any exemption to the curtailment provisions

pursuant to the priority use and emergency relief provisions

of Section 10.5(b) to the extent that such exemption was

granted based upon a sworn affidavit submitted by Customer.


10.6 Gas Diversion


(a) Gulf South will retain storage capacity for the operation of

its system. Gulf South may purchase gas to either provide

transportation, storage services and/or maintain the

operational integrity of Gulf South's system on a non-

discriminatory basis.


(b) Gulf South will use all of its system's resources, even if

such action results in gas diversions in order to maintain

the operational integrity of the system. For purposes of

this section, a gas diversion will be deemed to have

occurred when the following three conditions have been met:

(1) Gulf South has exhausted all of its operational remedies

and still can not balance the system; (2) Gulf South has

taken affirmative action that requires a Shipper to balance

its receipts and deliveries or reduce its takes from the

system and either maintain its deliveries or increase the

deliveries into Gulf South's system; and (3) a Shipper has

deliveries into Gulf South's system during this period which

are less than the Shipper takes from the system.