Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2003, Docket: RP00-340-009, Status: Effective

Sec. Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 1502 Sec. Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 1502 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 1502


Section 8



In the event a Customer nominates a supplemental point, then for

those supplemental volumes an additional charge may be assessed.

The supplemental charge per Dth shall equal the difference, if

any, between the maximum applicable FTS 100% load factor rate for

FTS and NNS customers and the maximum FTS-SCO rate for NNS-SCO

customers for such transportation, and the rate agreed to for the

primary points. This charge applies to all firm transportation

agreements unless another rate is agreed to by the parties.


8.4 Comprehensive Receipt and Delivery Points (Interruptible) - All

Customers receiving interruptible transportation service will

have access to all Comprehensive Points on Gulf South's system.

Such Customers may also use a Virtual Point as a receipt point or

as a delivery point for quantities nominated from another Virtual

Point. The availability of all new receipt and delivery points

will be posted on Gulf South's Internet Web Site.


8.5 Point (SLN) Aggregation - Gulf South and point Operators may

agree to aggregate selected receipt and/or delivery Station

Location Numbers (SLN) as a single receipt or delivery point

under these General Terms and Conditions. Point aggregation

pursuant to this Section will be permitted, unless, in Gulf

South's reasonable determination, such aggregation is not

operationally feasible in which case Gulf South will notify

Operator of the reasons underlying Gulf South's determination.


(a) If a Customer's delivery SLNs serve an integrated gas

distribution system or Gulf South and Customer agree in

advance that it is not operationally significant whether

deliveries are made at a specific delivery SLN, as long as

Customer's total deliveries in a specific area are within

its contractual MDQ (whether or not such delivery SLNs have

been aggregated pursuant to Section 8.5), no Critical

Period penalties under Section 19.3 shall be imposed on

that Customer for gas delivered to SLNs serving the

integrated gas distribution system or that are subject to

Gulf South and Customer's agreement, provided that

deliveries at those delivery SLNs are within Customer's

contract MDQ.