Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/17/2004, Docket: RP03- 64-004, Status: Effective

Fourth Sub. Original Sheet No. 1206 Fourth Sub. Original Sheet No. 1206 : Effective




Section 5



(c) Upon notification that security is required, a non-

creditworthy Customer shall provide security in the form

selected by that Customer as described in Section 5.3(a).

Gulf South will specify the amount of required security as

part of its notification and the amount of any past due,

undisputed amounts, owed Gulf South where payment is

required to continue existing service. Within five (5)

business days of notification, A non-creditworthy Customer

should provide at least one (1) month of security

("Advance Payment") and payment for the undisputed, past

due amounts. This (5) day period shall be extended to

fifteen (15) calendar days for municipal or government

owned distributors. Customer will have thirty (30)

calendar days to provide the remainder of any required



(i) Should a non-creditworthy Customer fail to provide

the security as provided herein or fail to pay any

unpaid, non-disputed obligations within the time

periods specified above, Gulf South may deny a new

service request or proceed with the termination

process for any existing service. During any notice

period under this provision, Gulf South will conform

that Customer's receipts to deliveries in order to

limit further transportation imbalances from being



(ii) If Gulf South elects to terminate a Customer's

Service Agreement due to a non-creditworthy

Customer's failure to timely provide additional

security or any Customers failure to pay any unpaid,

non-disputed obligations, Gulf South shall provide at

least thirty (30) days written notice to the Customer

and the Commission of its intent to terminate any

service agreement(s). Such notice may be provided

contemporaneously with the initial notice of the need

for security and / or payment for any unpaid, non-

disputed obligations. In no event will a service

agreement be terminated with less than 30 days