Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2000, Docket: GT01- 6-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1100 Original Sheet No. 1100 : Effective




Section 4





4.1 Ownership and Operation of Equipment - Measuring facilities

consisting of meters, instruments and equipment of standard make

and design as specified by Gulf South shall be installed, owned,

operated and maintained as agreed to between Gulf South and

Customer to measure accurately the gas delivered and/or received.


If Customer provides such measuring equipment, measurement of the

gas shall be by Customer's measuring equipment only until Gulf

South, in its discretion, installs measuring facilities. The

metering and other equipment installed, together with any

buildings erected for such equipment, shall be and remain the

property of the installing party, unless otherwise agreed by the



If an agreement provides for sale of gas for resale to rural

consumers through farm taps or rural service lines, Customer

shall install, operate and maintain at its own cost and expense

the high pressure regulators, meters, low pressure regulators and

such other equipment as may be necessary to measure gas and

enable Customer to receive such gas at the varying pressures of

Gulf South's lines at the point or points of delivery, which

shall be located at the cutoff valves at the terminus of Gulf

South's service taps located above ground level; provided,

however, that Gulf South shall always have the right to install

meters and meter stations in its discretion at any or all such

delivery points. Any service taps and cutoff valves installed by

Gulf South on its lines, at the request of a Customer, shall be

made or installed only with Gulf South's consent which shall not

be unreasonably withheld. The costs of making and installing

such taps and values shall be the sole expense of Customer unless

such taps and/or valves are being installed at Gulf South's