Gulf South Pipeline Company L P

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2007, Docket: RP07-149-000, Status: Suspended

Second Revised Sheet No. 902 Second Revised Sheet No. 902 : Suspended

Superseding: Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 902



Section 2





For gas quality specification postings issued in response

to a downstream pipeline notification, Gulf South will

attempt to provide similar notice to that given by the

downstream pipeline, taking into account the steps

necessary on Gulf South's system to implement the gas

quality changes necessary to ensure downstream deliveries.


(c) Gulf South may repeat the steps in Section 2.2(a)(i) and

(ii), respectively, for a wider geographic area or for the

entire Gulf South system to assist in the management of a

specific gas quality problem.


(d) Gulf South may post gas quality specifications below the

specified Safe Harbor limits and may establish more

restrictive limits with respect to other gas quality

specifications set forth in Section 2.1 only by issuing an

Operational Flow Order ("OFO") in accordance with Section

10.4, except that Gulf South is not required to issue a

Critical Period Notice before issuing such OFO.


2.3 (a) If at any time the receipt gas tendered fails to conform to

any of the quality specifications set forth herein

("Quality Incident"), Gulf South may, at its option, shut-

in gas pending correction of the deficiency by Customer or

the point operator ("Shut-in"). Acceptance of gas that

does not conform to these standards will not prevent Gulf

South from refusing future receipts of non-conforming gas.


(b) An operator may request Gulf South to grant a quality

waiver for gas which fails to meet the quality

specifications as provided herein. Gulf South shall apply

all quality specifications and waivers on a non-

discriminatory basis taking into account the commingling of

gas streams and downstream gas quality considerations,

including but not limited to the proximity of the receipt

point(s) to the delivery point(s). If an operator requests

Gulf South to grant a quality specification waiver and

notifies Gulf South that a temporary upset of its equipment

has caused or will cause the delivery of out of

specification gas, and Gulf South agrees that the delivery

of out of specification