Tres Palacios Gas Storage LLC

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Effective Date: 08/01/2008, Docket: RP08-424-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 107 Original Sheet No. 107





(b) A statement as to whether the prospective Customer

is a local distribution company ("LDC"), an intrastate pipeline

company, an interstate pipeline company, a marketer/broker, a

producer, an end user or an other type of entity (which other

entity must be described).


(c) Type of service requested, whether FSS, NNSS, FP,



(d) Quantity requested:


(1) MDIQ, MDWQ and, as applicable, MSQ, Maximum

Park Quantity, or Maximum Loan Quantity

(stated in Dth).


(2) MDRQ (stated in Dth/Day) for each Transporter

(FSS, FP and FL only).


(3) MDDQ (stated in Dth/Day) for each Transporter

(FSS, FP and FL only).


(4) For no-notice service, No-Notice Maximum Daily

Quantity (stated in Dth/Day).


(5) For interruptible wheeling service, MDTQ.


(e) Price offered by the prospective Customer for each

service requested.


(f) Term of service, including the date service is

requested to commence and the date service is requested to



(g) Evidence of creditworthiness. Acceptance of a

service request and/or continuation of service is contingent upon

TRES PALACIOS' completion of a credit appraisal it deems

satisfactory in accordance with the criteria set forth in this

Section. To enable TRES PALACIOS to conduct such credit

appraisal, a prospective Customer shall submit the information

enumerated below, to the extent such information is applicable to

such prospective Customer; provided, however, that TRES PALACIOS'

receipt of such material shall not be deemed acceptance of a

request for service, which acceptance shall be made only after

TRES PALACIOS' receipt of the material and information set forth

below and a determination by TRES PALACIOS that the prospective

Customer is sufficiently creditworthy. A prospective Customer

shall not be required to provide the foregoing information if

prospective Customer has a Credit Rating, as defined in Section 31

of these General Terms and Conditions, or if prospective Customer

has agreed to provide Financial Assurances in accordance with

Section 31. TRES PALACIOS shall maintain the confidentiality of

any non-public information received from a prospective Customer

pursuant to this Section. A prospective Customer shall be deemed

creditworthy if the prospective Customer has an Acceptable Credit